How to Tell if the Car Battery is Dead

First of all, batteries are not generators, that is, they store the electricity given to them by the charging system, that is, they are storage devices that transfer the electricity they have stored at the required time, like a battery, and they do this chemically. Batteries There are different classes such as leaded gel batteries and Start Stop batteries. The purpose of the battery is to run the electrical system in the car.

Why do batteries drain faster ?

The reasons why batteries are generally less durable than before are that the materials inside are made in a way that will cause less harm to the environment, that manufacturers want to make this work a little longer lasting, and that the current batteries may suddenly stop when the battery falls below a certain voltage. Since the vehicles have an extremely electronic system, we used these vehicles as 11, 10.30 volts, 10 W, maybe it can produce a sufficient voltage and current for the starter. However, these values may damage the electronic system. In fact, the reason why manufacturers make batteries that suddenly fail when they run out suddenly or when the voltage drops suddenly can be expressed as protecting the electronic systems and not damaging the electronic systems of the vehicle.

What should I pay attention to when buying a battery ?

– When buying a battery, you should open the front hood of your car and check which model and Amber number the battery is.

– When buying a battery, its features must be exactly the same.

– Battery size and compatibility must be.

– I recommend you to buy a reliable and well-known brand.

– Before purchasing a battery, the features of a good battery and its service maintenance warranty are very important.

If you take these items into consideration, you can choose the most suitable and high-quality battery for your vehicle. If you regularly maintain the battery you purchase and check its electrical system, you will extend the life of the battery.

How to understand that the battery is dead?

If the car does not start, if the amount of electronics is reduced or if there is a problem, you can pay attention to the indicator here. Normally, the color of the indicator here should be green, but if its color changes from green to white or if it is black, you may have a place where the battery receives information from the empty space or where it is charged. Another issue. The surfaces of the batteries must be clean, that is, there must be no dust, dirt or lubrication between the terminals and poles. The terminals must be well-fitted. There must be no cracks or liquid leaks on the surface. The vehicle battery must overheat. Accordingly, a design is required. Sufficient ventilation distance is required around the battery and on the covers. As long as we do not interfere with the battery from outside, we do not crank the battery for an excessively long time, or do not use the vehicle for a long time without charging, there will be no serious problems with the batteries. If electric vehicles start at the same time or electric vehicles do not start, this may most likely be caused by the battery. In older generation vehicles, check the headlights and indicators as soon as you start the starter. If there is no power left and they go out completely after starting, your battery is probably dead and needs to be replaced. Up until today, repairs like this are very expensive, can we throw a bridge through it? Can we complete the material? We have to give a negative answer to such situations or thoughts. The best thing is to replace the battery of suitable value and quality so that the vehicle can be used for a long time and in a healthy way. The battery has a maximum life of 3-5 years.

Can I change the battery myself ?

I recommend you to read the owner’s manual of my vehicle, because some vehicles have a tape code, especially in order to take precautions against theft, that is, when the battery is removed, the tape code may be required or the electronic parts may be damaged and the export will be disabled, so please read the Owner’s Manual of the vehicle first.

– First of all, the negative terminal should not be removed. The reason why I am allowed to remove the negative terminal is to prevent it from accidentally touching anything, short circuit or battery explosion while removing the positive terminal.

– If the latch is screwed, we carefully remove the negative terminal and after removing the negative terminal and putting it aside, we now remove it to the box head and ensure that they do not come into contact.

– While removing the battery, we are careful not to damage any casing or plastic rubber parts around the battery.

-We removed the battery and when installing it, we do the opposite. First, we replace the positive pole of the battery, or if there is a nut, we tighten the nut. We pay special attention to ensuring that there is no oil or dirt left in between.

Then, we attach the negative pole head and after installing the negative pole head, we tighten the ends here carefully. Then, we check whether these caps are seated well or not, and make sure that the pole heads are seated well. Because in the meantime, if the pole head is not seated properly, it may cause problems in matches, and it will also cause problems in charging the battery. Then you can check the vehicle’s stereo or electrical receivers, if any, but if you pay attention to the issues we missed, I don’t think there will be any problems.

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