What is The Function of Spark Plugs in Vehicles?

The spark plug is a part used in internal combustion engines and enables the ignition of fuel in the cylinders of the engine. The spark plug is placed in the ignition chamber of each cylinder and starts the combustion of the fuel by producing an electric spark. There is a spark plug in each cylinder, which produces an electric spark and ignites the air-fuel mixture, thus enabling the engine to start.

What is The Working Principle of Spark Plug?

The spark plug is an important component of the ignition system of the internal combustion engine. Fuel injection, when the engine starts, the fuel-air mixture is sprayed into the cylinder by the injectors. The air-fuel mixture in the cylinder is compressed by the piston. This compression increases the combustion efficiency of the fuel. Then, it sends a high voltage electric current to the spark plug. The spark plug receives the electric current and two spark plugs. It ionizes the air fuel mixture between the electrode and produces a spark. This spark ignites the air fuel mixture and starts the combustion process. When the combustion process is completed, the exhaust valves are opened and the exhaust gases resulting from combustion are thrown out of the cylinder.

What is Spark Plug Failure and its Symptoms?

Spark plug failure can prevent the engine from starting properly, resulting in loss of performance. Difficulty starting the ignition. Defective spark plugs can cause the engine to be difficult or sudden to start. Engine shuddering and choppy operation. Spark plug failures can cause the engine to run erratically and vibrate. Loss of power. Defective spark plugs can reduce the engine’s power production and reduce performance. fuel consumption, faulty spark plugs can increase fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, spark plug malfunctions can increase exhaust emissions, spark plug malfunctions are usually fixed by changing the spark plugs, regular spark plug maintenance contributes to the smooth operation of the engine and fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is important to have the spark plugs checked regularly and replaced when necessary. The spark plug may differ depending on the vehicle’s engine and must be maintained at certain intervals of time or kilometers.

What is an Internal Combustion Engine?

The internal combustion engine works in four stages: first, a valve opens and the piston descends to provide the mixture, fuel and air enter the combustion chamber, secondly, the piston compresses the fuel-air mixture as it rises, thirdly, a spark from the spark plug ignites the mixture and this pushes the piston down again, fourthly, the exhaust. valve opens and when it rises, the piston pushes the hanger. gases escape and the cycle begins again intake compression combustion the motion of the engine is transmitted to the wheels to the satisfaction of the driver



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