How to Change Brake Hydraulic Oil in Vehicles

Brake fluid is a fluid that is of vital importance for the brake system, which some say will last a lifetime, and according to others it needs to be changed at certain times. When you press the brake, the brake center tries to compress the brake fluid. Since it cannot be compressed in liquids, it pushes itself forward with pressure. This is the ABS modulator. It goes to each wheel through these records. It transmits this pressure to the brake centers in the 4 wheels. When it comes to the brake center with hydraulic pressure, the piston inside the brake center moves forward and compresses the lining towards the disc. and when you touch the brakes, hydraulics instantly react with that pressure, allowing the center to tighten the brakes.

Effect of brake hydraulic Oil on the pad :

Since the lining is constantly worn, inevitably, as the lining decreases, the piston slides a little further. As the lining decreases, the piston slides a little further. This causes the hydraulic level to decrease gradually over time, as the pistons slide, hydraulic will accumulate there. As you can see, there is a max line here. It should not go above the max. You need to fill it up to the max. Since it is a working system, there should be an air intake section, that is, an air section that will release the pressure. It is normal for the brake fluid to decrease, that is, as you replace the pad, the brake piston moves forward and reaches the minimum. When you change the pad, the piston is already back. When the brake fluid drops to the minimum level, you do not need to top up the brake fluid, but if it drops lower, if there is a visible drop, know that there is a leak somewhere. Then it is decreasing, then you can top it up.

How to fill brake hydraulic Oil :

As the brake fluid oil goes down during the filling process, you added it, this time it overflows from there again, meaning that an unnecessary pressure is created in the brake system and extra fluid is added. Therefore, as I said, proceed as long as it does not drop to the minimum level, you do not need to add it. If it decreases more than necessary, it will either turn on the handbrake light. or adapting the brake system. Yakar gives you a warning. If you can see it visually, you don’t even need to open the door. If it is between the maximum and minimum, you do not need to do anything.

Brake fluid change period:

You need to change the brake fluid every 2 years, even if you do low mileage every other maintenance. So, why does it need to be changed? First of all, brake fluid is a liquid that is suitable for retaining moisture due to its structure, that is, every time it gets air, the amount of moisture increases slightly, and this amount of moisture on the hydraulic fluid exceeds 4%. When it arrives, the brake fluid has already completely lost its properties, the effect of which is evident in the braking performance, that is, it cannot provide sufficient pressure, it cannot provide sufficient performance. In this case, your brakes may not hold properly. Since moisture will constantly circulate in the brake system, it causes corrosion in the system. So what does this lead to? Corrosion in the pipes and hoses in the centers. And it causes rotting in the rubber and plastic parts. After a certain thing, after a certain period of time, after a certain amount of moisture circulates there, those plastic parts start to circulate in small pieces along with the hydraulics, which damages the entire system. This is generally the reason for this, that is, proper brake maintenance. You will not easily encounter a problem with the brakes in cars where the role of the brake system is changed properly on time. The system always protects itself. When you do not change the fluid, you prevent the system from protecting itself. There are devices that measure the moisture level of this. You touch it to the hydro and it shows how much moisture is in it, but you do not need to measure it. Is there an issue that is at your discretion? I mean, if you don’t know the history of the car, you bought a new car, you don’t know the history of the car, the first thing you should do is to change all the fluids in the car, including its role. Remember, no part or fluid in the car is permanent, they all have certain replacement periods, some normal Mechanical parts may change as they malfunction, but especially fluids and filters must be changed periodically.


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