How Does a Car Window Automatically Work?

A car window is a mechanism that allows the window to be opened and closed so that it can be moved up or down. It is usually controlled electrically or manually. While it usually operates electrically in motor vehicles, in some older and basic models it is controlled by manual window crank handle opening. Generally, new cars should be produced more durable and more protective against thieves.

How the Window Mechanism Works :

Are you surprised at how easily you can raise and lower your car windows by just pressing a button? The mechanism inside your car window is so compact and smart that the glass always moves straight and smoothly. You may also have found that you can’t do this. move the window even if you try to push it down or pull it up manually let’s understand the trick mechanism that controls your car window the basic structure of a car door that allows the glass to slide smoothly is shown here now obviously some mechanism in the door has to push or pull the window these movements are a simple crank and gear arrangement Observe how the different parts of the mechanism move like this when you turn the crank the end movement will either push or pull the window, as you can see the glass is always supported at a single point so a small difference in friction can cause imbalance and the window may not move straight if you double the support link of the glass If we support it from the point, this design suggestion can be easily done. As can be understood from this weightlifter analogy, we add two more connections, as shown, one end of these newly added connections rotates in the middle and the other ends are connected to the sliders, the mechanism we have newly developed is known as the scissor type mechanism and these two connections we give to the glass the supports make the mechanism quite sturdy this wonderful mechanism was the mainstream of car windows until the 1990s and some classic cars still use it It is a pleasure to watch the top of the mechanism always move perfectly straight but this arrangement has one main disadvantage, to avoid this problem the window suddenly lowers Let’s place a spiral spring at this spring pivot point. It relaxes during the upward movement of the windows and compresses for the downward movement. Now the glass does not fall suddenly and this new arrangement also reduces the effort required for the upward movement of the window.

Car Glass Protection Against Thieves :

This is because the mechanism can be operated even by pushing or pulling the glass this means that the theft is quite easy if the windows of the car are equipped with this design this simple worm gear arrangement can effectively solve this problem the worm gear can rotate the gear but the gear cannot rotate the worm this means only when we input motion into the mechanism into the worm it will work the crank is connected to the worm so the passenger can easily operate the mechanism but when someone tries to move the window the input motion goes to the worm gear and everything gets stuck no one can move the window glass up or down.

Car Window Automatic or Manual Operation :

Press down strongly, moreover the worm and gear arrangement also works as a torque multiplier, just by connecting a DC motor to the worm we can turn the manual window into an electric window The biggest concern about this connection mechanism is that it has a lot of sliding contacts friction Due to the high losses, this design was developed using a rope and pulley system, here you can see two plastic slides, they are connected to the rope, these slides support the glass, the power and movement produced by the engine are shown here to reach the rope. smooth operation two vertical guides are used this mechanism is smoother than the linkage mechanism seen before because there is very little metal to metal contact some rope and pulley mechanisms known problems are listed here.

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