Car Tire Repair Wick

It can occur due to all kinds of reasons such as your car exploding while driving on the road, or getting a nail in it, or losing air in its tire. Do you know if a nail gets stuck in your tire while traveling by car and you can do it yourself, I would like to tell you about this issue without any support.

First of all, you can use tire plugs, which should be found in every car, even by yourself, after your car’s tire is flat. Where a nail has penetrated the tire, we use reaming to remove the nail and enlarge the hole. Then, with this kit, we place the plug strip approximately halfway into the hole of the insertion tool, lubricate the tip of the tool so that it can enter the hole more easily, now we push the tool and scrape it into the hole until it remains approximately halfway. The strip comes out about an inch from the tire, then we quickly pull the tool out of the tire, the strip remains inside the tire and we plug the hole from the inside, inflate the tire to the correct pressure and finish the process.

Tire Repair Rubber Screw Kit

The tire repair kit rubber screw set prevents air leakage without any other damage. You can repair the tire simply and efficiently by inserting the repair screw into the ruptured tire. Thanks to the rubber screw in the recesses of the screw, you will have a good performance and you can repair the tire permanently in case of emergency on the road. Can be used for motorcycle, light truck, bus and agricultural tires.

How to use Auto Tire Repair Screw?  :

It is a pretty easy repair kit, it is called screw tire repair. If your tires burst while driving on the road, you can fix it yourself without calling a tire repairman. It will be enough to have a screwdriver with you. It will be enough to clean the punctured area completely and apply the repair kit with a screwdriver. The screw turns into the tire and stops the air in the tire as it enters, ensuring that the tire does not deflate. It resembles a screw made of hard plastic. It is a tire repair kit that should be in every vehicle as it will come in handy at that moment and help you get on your way.

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