Car Tire Puncture Repair Near Me

When you check the tires before driving, you will see that a nail has entered the tire. Please do not remove the nail. Leave it to the expert. You will damage the tire more when removing the nail. You need to call auto repair tire technicians and get help for repair. They will intervene in the area where the nail entered and apply a fungus patch to the tire.

How to Repair Fungal Tires :

While traveling by car, it can cause your tire to burst with screws and iron pieces. You can see it’s stuck in the tire. You need to call the tire repairman as soon as possible.

The auto tire technician checks the flat tire of the car and lifts the car with the help of a jack and removes the tire. After removing the tire, he scratches the place where the screw is located and removes the remaining air from the tire. After the air is released, he rotates the screw and removes it.

Then, a tire mounting machine is placed to separate the tire from the rim. After the tire is separated from the rim, the area around the tire is opened with the help of reaming on the outside of the tire in the area marked. It is passed to the inside of the tire and the area where the screw has entered is sanded so that the patch can hold well. After the sanding work is completed, it is applied with the special patch adhesive of the tire. It is generally used for tire punctures. It is applied to the sanded area. After it is applied, it is waited for two minutes for it to dry. After the drying is completed, the patch is attached from the inside and from the outside with the help of pliers. The tip of the patch is pulled, after the patch is in place, it passes through the roller all over with the roller apparatus. The reason for the roller is that the adhesive it uses sticks to the patch more quickly.

Mounting Tire Process :

Once the patch is done, the tire mount is creamed on both sides of the tire before installing the rim. The reason is that since the tire is a flexible material, it will have difficulty entering the rim and it damages the tire, so mounting cream is used and after creaming, the rim is attached to the tire. The tire is inflated and checked for air.

Balancing After Assembly :

After the mounting of the tires is completed, small balancing weights must be attached to the rims to prevent possible tire imbalance. It prevents steering vibrations and increases mileage and driving comfort. Balancing is done to ensure that it works. After the settings are made, the tire is mounted on the car with a jack.


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