How to Thoroughly Clean a Car Seat

Cleaning car seats is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance, akin to attending to the car carpet and dashboards. Prior to embarking on this task, it’s necessary to acquire a selection of items and care products that are appropriate for your seats.

How to Clean Car Seats?

Cleaners (to Purchase) :

The choice of cleaning agents depends on the fabric of your seats as well as what you already possess at home. Many of the recommended products are common household items. If your vehicle has fabric seats, they can be cleaned using ammonia, baking soda, soda crystals, white vinegar, or sparkling water.

For vehicles with leather seats, it’s advisable to procure Marseille soap or soap of a similar nature, or alternatively, make-up remover milk.

Other Products (to Purchase) :

Most of the following household products, which you might already be using for other cleaning purposes, will not require additional purchase:

  • Several cloths and microfiber cloths, with at least two of each.
  • At least two sponges.
  • Plastic gloves, at a minimum, a single glove.
  • A bucket or a similar plastic container.
  • A brush or a vacuum cleaner, preferably a handheld model.

Additionally, considering a steam cleaner could be beneficial. The cost varies between €40 and €500 on average, and it can be used not only for the seats but also for cleaning the windows of your house.

Cleaning Fabric Car Seats :

The method varies based on the cleaning agent. For ammonia use, saturate a clean cloth with it and apply to any stains, then follow with a second damp cloth and allow to dry. Ensure the vehicle is well ventilated before using ammonia-based products.

When using baking soda or soda crystals, first don protective gloves. Mix one cup of soda with one liter of water in a basin, then use a sponge dipped in this mixture to tackle stains.

For white vinegar cleaning, prepare a mixture in your bucket with the following:

  • 500 ml of white vinegar
  • 250 ml of hot or lukewarm water
  • Two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid (for persistent stains)

Apply this solution with a sponge to remove stains. Rinse the fabric seats with a clean water-dampened sponge and let them dry.

Sparkling water is highly effective for cleaning vomit stains.

A steam cleaner not only removes dirt from car textiles but also eliminates odors and disinfects thoroughly. Exercise caution to prevent fabric damage from the high-pressure steam.

Cleaning Leather Car Seats :

The approach to cleaning leather seats shares the general principles but requires specific steps. Begin by dusting the seats with a brush or vacuum cleaner, the latter of which can also be used on the carpets.

Then, gather the following cleaning supplies:

  • A brush
  • A sponge
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Black soap (or Marseille soap) or make-up remover milk
  • A basin of hot water

Moisten your brush in hot water, apply the cleaning product, and gently clean the stains on the leather seats to avoid damage.

Afterwards, rinse the seats with a water-dampened sponge and finish with a pass of the microfiber cloth.

To enhance the shine and protection of your seats, consider using additional products like moisturizing wipes or specialized creams for leather nourishment.

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