How Does Air Conditioning Work in Vehicles?

In vehicles, air conditioning or additional systems are used to ensure that passengers can travel comfortably and that the driver can use the vehicle more safely. The main function of the vehicle may be to cool the interior of the vehicle or to warm it up depending on the situation, and to remove the moisture inside, so that the humidity inside can be more easily accessible to people or passengers. It allows them to breathe in a healthier way and feel the temperature in a better way.

What are the parts of car air conditioner: 

The important part of the air conditioner is the compressor. The compressor receives power from the engine through a pulley and draws a power of approximately 3,4,5. The pulley in front of it is also an electronic concept. So when you press the emergency button, the concept comes into play and draws the load from the compressor. If you press the rush button, we press the rush button. This time, the concept of sea does not come into play and the compressor does not move in any way, which means that the compressor and the concept in front of it are the compressor, we know this nomenclature. The duty of the compressor is to draw the specially produced air conditioner gas and send it to the condenser or air conditioner radiator in the pressurization system.

1 – Expansion Valve :

It is called the expansion valve of the air conditioner. The function of the expansion valve is to instantly expand the special air conditioner gas compressed by the compressor trapped inside and to reduce the temperature due to this expansion.

2 – Condenser : 

The other part of the air conditioner is the condenser series, the compressor side allows this compressed special gas to cool down because when the compressor heats up the gas under high pressure, its temperature rises very much. In order to give a better performance in the expansion valve, the temperature of the gas is thought by the fan while the gas flows downwards, that is, when we turn on the air conditioner, both The air conditioner compressor is activated through the clutch and the air conditioner fan is activated. It may be a separate fan or the radiator may have its own fan.

3 – Evaporator :

The evaporator is also called an outside air conditioner honeycomb. The evaporator is the part that blows the cold air created by the gas into the air drawn from outside, or we can think of a radiator as a honeycomb, but while the radiator in the house does a poor heating function, the evaporator serves as a cooling unit. It has the same structure. The evaporator friends are made of thin aluminum material. In the same way, the air conditioner radiator or When it comes to condenser, it is made of aluminum material that can transfer heat as much as possible.

Working principles of the air conditioner :

In the air conditioner, the first compressor is responsible for circulating the gas in the system and pressurizing the fish gas in the system. The air conditioner compressor takes action from the engine and draws a load of approximately 3,4,5 horsepower. Why does the air conditioner compressor continue its ongoing gas path and it is the turn of the Condenser, while the gas slowly loses its pressure in the condenser. On the other hand, the gas begins to cool slowly. As this gas cools down, a water trap or filter moves. The function of the water trap is to keep the liquid in the air conditioner gas. Otherwise, the air conditioner compressor or other valves may be damaged. The next step after the dryer is the expansion valve. Through the expansion valve, the gas suddenly expands with the effect of a balloon, and in this case of expansion, the warm gas suddenly decreases its temperature. However, this temperature decrease does not decrease by 3-5 degrees, there is a temperature decrease of approximately 12-15 degrees. Then, the gas continues on its way from there, while the evaporator inside the vehicle chest continues on its way, the snail fan outside blows the air into the evaporator and sends the cold air into the vehicle. It blows correctly, then the air conditioner gas continues on its way. Meanwhile, it has lost some heat. Since it is drawn by a compressor, it continues on its way from the compressor. The air conditioner is a closed system and should not leak out easily.

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