Checks to be Considered While Driving

Like adjusting your seat, which should be the first thing you do when you get behind the wheel, making sure your seat is positioned to best suit your body will make driving safer and less tiring, even on the short journeys you want to take. Adjust the height of the seat so you can see the dash and the road clearly. If you are a little on the shorter side and can’t see the top of the dash even after doing everything the seat will allow, get a pillow or wedge to sit on as the seat will allow about 100 to 110 degrees hold on I know it looks super cool when you lean back like a boss but still comfort and safety are more than style folks, the headrest needs to be adjusted to accommodate your head. right in the middle this will help prevent a bad neck injury in the event of an accident

Mirror Control:

Once your seat is adjusted, mirrors starting from the driver’s side, lean to the left and get as close to the side window as possible, then adjust the mirror until you can see the rear fender, once you’re seated correctly you should barely be able to see the side of the rear bumper, move towards the passenger side mirror here to stay in the driver’s seat and keep your head down. you want to lean to the right until you get almost in the middle of the two front seats, now adjust this mirror so you can see the rear fender, when you get back to normal driving position you just have to take a look at the side of the rear bumper, finally we reach the rearview mirror I know this is a beginner job but this mirror hits and repositioning, it’s always a good idea to just take a second to adjust the rearview mirror and make sure it shows a perfectly centered view of your rear window.

Steering Wheel Control:

Your hands should be slightly lower than your shoulders and placed on the steering wheel at nine and three, yes the old steering wheel clock analogy Imagine the wheel as the face of a clock, not the digital kind on your phone but the old fashioned analog types just remember that the old 10:00 and 2:00 position they taught is no longer valid , because in the event of an accident, the airbag could launch your hand directly into your face, which sounds like the most epic facepalming.

45 Degree Parking:

You need this number every time you pull into a parking space and the spots are slightly slanted so the whole 45 degree thing first make sure you’re going down the aisle the right way the spots should be sloping towards you not away from you hey I’ve seen people try to park their cars after they get in the wrong way and after that turn It’s an embarrassing challenge to say the next move as far to your left as you can to keep moving until your right rearview mirror is aligned with the left taillight of the car on your right. turn the wheel to the right and pull it to that point, you may need to trim it a bit, especially if you have a longer vehicle.

Perpendicular Parking:

It is very similar to 45 degree parking but the spaces are not at an angle Your typical straight line variety again, start by going as far to the left as possible, watch out for cars coming first, the further to your left you are the easier it will be to line up your right side rearview mirror with the right line of the vehicle. Parking then cut the steering wheel to the right and turn the steering wheel to the left and pull straight towards the car if you follow the right mirror with the right line number you won’t need to reverse and straighten the car so much.

How to Parallel Park:

Make sure the place you want to park is a place where your car will fit you ask at least one and a half times the length of your car found a place we found a good spot here we are going forward until your car is next to the one in front of the parking lot we will call it car number one now look over your right shoulder from the bottom corner of your rear window look and when you see the back of car number one in the right corner drive backwards in a straight line turn the wheel to the right and slowly start moving your car back towards the gap when you can see the entire front look in the left side mirror look at the car behind the car and I’ll do this to car number two as the original I know now turn the steering wheel straighten it out and use the right side mirror to drive the car backwards in a straight line when you see the taillights of car number one turn the steering wheel turn the steering wheel to the left and you should pull into the parking space control your nerves breathe you got this and park your car parallel to the curb and drive your car parallel to the curb to car number two and yourself out again Give yourself enough space to get out, if your vehicle is not a standard size you will probably need to move a little further before you start queuing.

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