Damaged Car Window Repair

Grains of sand, grit, and other tiny particles constantly strike the windshield. Defective windshield wipers and ice scraping in winter further exacerbate wear, leading to scratches over time on car windows.

In severe cases, this wear can impair the driver’s visibility. Thus, it’s feasible to refurbish the panes to avoid the cost of replacement.

Damaged Car Window: Not All Scratches Are Removable!

While it’s possible to eliminate minor scratches from glass, including car windows, on your own if necessary, caution is advised with deeper scratches. These might lead to cracks from vibration in extreme cases.

Vehicle windshields are crafted from special safety glass. A minor crack can swiftly widen, obstructing visibility and heightening the risk of accidents.

Professionals often find deep damage challenging to mend. Typically, replacement becomes inevitable.

Should a deeper scratch mar the windshield, consulting a workshop professional beforehand is advisable.

For substantial window damage, involving a professional is recommended:

They can mitigate even profound scratches by injecting resin. Yet, there’s a constant risk that filling under high pressure might induce cracks, potentially necessitating pane replacement.

Home Remedies vs. Polish on Car Windows: Incorrect Removal Can Worsen Scratches

For minor scratches, steer clear of traditional home remedies since improper application can exacerbate the damage. Despite online claims, toothpaste, purportedly suitable for polishing car glass, can actually aggravate window damage.

Only polishes with an ultra-fine grain are suitable for glass treatment. Typically, toothpaste contains nanoparticles or abrasive agents, which, rather than erasing scratches, inflict further damage on the window. This can result in even more pronounced cloudiness and scratching.

Hence, avoid home remedies with nanoparticles. Various market-available glass polishes can yield superior outcomes.

Additionally, a suitable polishing machine with an exceptionally fine grain is often necessary. With the right equipment, the procedure involves:

  • Thorough window cleaning.
  • Polish application.
  • Polishing machine usage.
  • Removal of excess polish and window cleaning.

However, even with professional-grade tools, removing scratches from the windshield or side windows can introduce issues. Incorrect or uneven polishing may alter the glass’s refraction angles due to thickness variations, significantly diminishing visibility.

Note: Even with the appropriate methods, not all scratches can be eradicated, and the window’s original state may not be fully recoverable. Especially for deep scratches, resin fillings or complete pane replacement are usually the only solutions.

Windshield Scratch Removal Costs

The costs for scratch removal from the windshield vary based on the required measures:

  • DIY glass polish and polishing machine use: from 110 euros (+ time)
  • Windshield repair for deeper damage, like stone chips: from 100 euros (often covered by comprehensive insurance)
  • Window replacement: starting at 200 euros, depending on the specific window and vehicle model (may also be partially insured under comprehensive coverage)

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