Car Air Conditioning Maintenance

What is the compressor system?  The compressor is an overfeed system that allows excess air to be taken into the engine cylinders. Unlike turbos, the compressor gets its power directly from the rotation speed of the engine. They perform this rotation through the cam belt or chain to which the crankshaft is connected. Thanks to this rotation, they provide more air into the engine and increase the engine power.

Difference Between Compressor and Turbo :

Turbo system is a system that increases the performance of the vehicle’s engine. This system increases the pressure of the air entering the air filter and gives more air to the engine. Thus, the engine can burn more and produce more power. The turbo system evaluates the energy of the waste gases coming out of the engine. The waste gases contain some of the energy generated during combustion in the engine. The turbo system evaluates the energy and sends this energy to the air compressor. The air compressor increases the pressure of the air coming from the air filter and gives more air to the engine, so the engine can burn more and produce more power. The turbo system increases the speed and performance of the vehicle, but this system can also cause the vehicle to be exposed to high temperatures, so the vehicle’s engine oil should be changed frequently and care should be taken to ensure adequate cooling of the engine.


How to Repair and Maintain Air Conditioner?

When maintaining your vehicle’s air conditioning, you must first ensure your own health. Air conditioning malfunctions generally occur more frequently in turbo engines, but although air conditioning maintenance should be done every 6 months, some citizens may forget. When the air conditioner malfunctions, it is understood that there is a strong odor, air leakage or the compressor is not working. In these cases, what you need to do is to check the air conditioner and the fuse in the electrical parts. Clean air conditioner filters and replace spare parts, if any. Look at the hose and connection path, check for leaks and cracks. If there is no problem, the compressor oil may have run out. If what I say can be done regularly, the air conditioning system can have a long life. If it is still faulty after checking, it is evidence that there is a problem with the compressor. Contact a repairman as soon as possible.


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