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How to Change Car Battery

A cell or battery is a device that converts electrical energy into chemical energy and can store its chemical properties. Batteries contain two metal plates, positive and negative electrode. These electrodes are in contact with a chemical yield called electrode. This is the operating program of the battery. During the switching process in the chemical-resistant battery electrical circuit between the electrodes, electrons flow from the negative electrode to the positive electrode. These electron records create a current, which provides electrical energy to the external circuit and gives electrical current to the car.

How to Change the Car Battery, What to pay Attention to:

I will explain how to replace your car’s dead battery and what you should pay attention to: First of all, you need to disable the car’s ignition. The most important point when disassembling the battery is to remove the negative terminal and then the positive terminal. The battery has negative or positive signs as decided. If the batteries have no markings on them, red ones are generally considered positive. Black colored ones are also considered negative. Why does the negative lead need to be removed in the first place? Because when the positive pole is removed first, the fuses are grounded and cause explosion during connection. The negative pole must be removed first to avoid sparks. The battery should be removed and a new battery with the same current and voltage should be installed. The points to be considered before connecting the poles after changing the battery are as follows: This time, we first connect the positive pole to the positive, and then be careful to connect the negative pole to the negative.
You can look carefully one last time and start the ignition of the car.

How to Boost Car Battery ?

1- Before boosting, both vehicles must have batteries with the same specifications.

2- The end of the jumper cable of the charged battery should be connected to the positive pole, and the other end of the transfer cable of the empty car should be connected to the positive pole.

3- The end of the jumper cable of the charged battery should be connected to the negative pole, and the battery of the empty car should be connected to the other negative pole.

4- Please check the two tools to make sure it is installed correctly.

5- Start the ignition of the empty battery car

6- While the vehicle is running, you can first disconnect the black and then the red cables.

Features that cause the battery to drain: Listening to music and turning on the lights when the vehicle is not running is one of the reasons for the battery to drain.

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